Bearing Good Fruit


Fruit trees are expected to bear fruit -- so are we.


A potted plant; an orange; a round, orange piece of paper; tape; yarn or string


Luke 13:1-9

 (Show the orange.) Today we’re going to talk about fruit. In the Bible, Jesus said He wants us to bear fruit like a tree bears fruit. So go ahead. Let’s see you bear some fruit. (Pause.)

Okay, okay. Jesus didn’t mean it quite that way. But before we talk about the fruit Jesus was talking about, let’s think about how a tree bears fruit. (Have kids gather around the potted plant. Tape the orange piece of paper to it.) Is this bearing fruit? (Pause for responses.)

It’s just paper, so the plant didn’t really grow fruit, did it? How about this? (Attempt to tie the orange onto the tree, and allow kids to respond.)

  • Is the plant bearing fruit now?

  • What has to happen for a tree to really grow fruit?

The tree needs to be a fruit tree, first. And then it needs sun, water, and maybe some fertilizer. In the Bible, Jesus told a story about a man who planted a fruit tree, and the tree didn’t grow fruit for three years. The gardener told the man, “That tree isn’t growing any fruit. Cut it down. It’s taking up space in the garden.”

  • Why do you think the gardener would want to get rid of this tree?

The gardener wanted space for trees that would grow fruit. So he gave the man one more year to water it and take care of it, hoping it would grow fruit.

Like that fruit tree, Jesus says He wants us to grow fruit. Fruit for us is like characteristics or qualities that show we’re really His followers. But like a tree must actually be a fruit tree to bear fruit, we have to be Jesus’ followers before we can bear fruit. In the Bible, Jesus tells us to turn away from our wrong choices and believe in Him. Then, like a tree that has the right water and sun to grow fruit, we too, can grow “fruit.” We’ll learn more about that today.

Dear God, we admit we make wrong choices. We want to follow You. Help us to bear good fruit. In Jesus’ name, amen.