Jesus' birthday


Hats and noisemakers, or other party items, if you wish.


1 John 3:1-4

What can you tell me about Birthdays? We eat cake and ice cream, we get to see our friends and family, we get to wear hats and blow horns. PRESENTS! We look forward to receiving presents, don't we? What kinds of things do you get on birthdays? (ALLOW KIDS TO SHARE) I hope that all of you get what you want. I really wanted to tell you about my other Birthday. Yes I celebrate 2 birthdays. Its one a lot of people have, and its always on the same day. You see, when I committed myself to God and told Jesus I believed he died for me, I was born again. My "other" birthday is Everyday I spend with God.... I don't wear a hat or blow a horn, or eat cake and ice cream. I just wear my cross, tell others about Jesus, and get the bread of heaven. When you believe in God on your other birthday, you receive the best gift that you can ever receive -- that's the gift of Jesus Christ! Read 1 John 3:1-4.

On others' birthday, we GIVE them gifts. As you give gifts to others, be sure that you don't forget a very important person whose birthday is Christmas. JESUS! He doesn't want the kinds of gifts that we want -- like toys or clothes. These toys and clothes are nice for a while, but we outgrow clothes, and some toys we stop playing with. Instead, Jesus wants most of all to be a part of your life -- He wants to be in your heart. Of all of the things in the world that you could give to Jesus, the BEST gift that you can give Him is what? YOU! The best gift that you can ever give Jesus is your heart!

PRAYER: Almighty Father, we thank you for birthdays! They teach us about being special and loved.

As we head toward Jesus' birthday, write our Christmas lists, and make our visits to Santa, help us to remember the greatest gift we can give you and others is our love. You have already given us the best gift of all! Renewed life through your son, Jesus. In his name we pray, Amen.