Everyone Is Needed


Unity, working together


A group of people to build a house


Ephesians 4:7-16

(Have the children join you down front. It would be good if you could all sit together to think.)

Presenter: "You know, I've been thinking, I want to build a house. Any of you ever build a house before? Let's build a house, okay? Let's see, what should we do first?" (Just sit with the children and think.) "Hmmm, how can we build a house?"

1. Realtor: "Perhaps I can help. I'm a Realtor. I'll help you get some land to build your house."

Presenter: "That's good thinking!" (to the children) Did you know that we needed land first? It's a good thing he came along isn't it? Okay, so we've got land. What should we do next?"

2. Lawyer: "I'm a lawyer. I'll make sure that you can really have the land that she finds for you."

Presenter: "Ooh, good thinking! I wouldn't have thought of that. How about you?"

3. G-man: "Well, I'm from the government and I'm here to help! You'll need to talk to me to make sure that you have permission to build on that land."

Presenter: “Ooh, good thinking! We don't want to get in trouble!"

4. Architect: You'll need me to help you design your house. We'll draw pictures of what you might want to build to make sure that you'll like it and that you can afford it."

Presenter: "Wow! We have all these people wanting to help us and we still don't have a house!"

5. Engineer: "Well, I'm afraid that you're still not going to have a house from me either, but I'm very important because I'll inspect his pictures to make sure that what he's telling you will work."

Presenter: "I just want a house!" (to approaching excavator) "Can you help me get a house?"

6. Excavator: "Nope, but I can dig you a mighty fine hole for one."

Presenter: "A hole!"

7. Foundation person: "Yep, and I'll fill that whole with a concrete floor and walls for a solid foundation. You'll need that if you want your house to be around for a while."

Presenter: "I just want a house!" (to approaching framer) "Can you help me build a house?"

8. Framer: "Hold your horses! Yes I can help you build your house: the frame anyway."

Presenter: "But I can't just live in a frame!"

9. Roofer: "No, I suppose not, but you'll need me if you want to stay dry."

Presenter: (Dejectedly, to approaching electrician) "What do you do?"

9. Electrician: "Well, if you want to be able to watch TV or use your computer you'll need me to run wiring throughout the whole house so that it will work!"

Presenter: "Oh, yeah, I guess that's pretty important." (to well driller) "And you?"

11. Well driller: "Well, if you want water in that house of yours you'll need me to dig a well for you."

2. Plumber: "And if you want his water, you'll need me to put in pipes and fixtures or else you may have to use a bucket!"

13. Dry waller: "And if you want walls, you'll have to let me take some time inside your house."

14. Painter: "And I paint his walls! We're a team."

Presenter: "Well, maybe I could do the painting."

Painter: "But I'm a professional!"

15. Carpenter: "Do you want cabinets on those walls?"

Presenter: "I guess so."

Carpenter: "Oh you do, trust me! I'll talk to your wife about it."

16. Flooring: "I'm pretty sure she'll want floor coverings too!"

17. Interior Decorator: "and advice on colors and curtains"

Presenter: (to the children) "Can you believe all this? I just wanted to build a house! Did you know that it would be so complicated?"

18. Furniture mover: "Well, cheer up because I'm going to help you move all of your things in to that house of yours."

Presenter: "Now you're talking! Yea! We're finally done!"

19. Landscaper: "Not so fast. You're going to want a lawn aren't you, and trees and shrubs?"

Presenter: "Am I?"

Everyone: "Talk to his wife!"

Presenter: "Good idea." (To the children) "Wow, look at all these people. Building a house takes a lot of different people with a lot of different talents, doesn't it? You know, that's kind of like the church. There are lots of gifts and talents right here in this room and God needs them all. If someone holds back, it's kind of like having someone not do his or her part to build a house. I suppose we could get by without the painter."

Painter: "Hey!"

Presenter: "But the walls look nicer when he does his job. Let's pray!"