Following the Rules


Obeying God's law


Ball or bat, Basketball, Volleyball


Exodus 20

I have here this morning 3 items used in 3 different sport activities. A bat (ball) – used in playing softball A basketball – used in the game of basketball

And a volleyball to the games of volleyball.

Each one of these games has special rules that you must follow in order to play the game. I’m not a sports fan so I don’t know all of the rules to one of these games but I do know some very important rules.

This morning I want to ask you some questions about the rules of these games. I’m sure you all know all about them and I need some help.

Let’s look at softball for a minute. If I’m playing softball and it is my turn to bat. I swing at the first ball the pitcher throws the umpire says< “Strike 1”. I get ready with my bat up and the pitcher throws another ball, the umpire says, “Strike 2”. WOW! I just know I can hit the next ball. Here it comes and I’m ready for it. I swing really hard but the umpire says, “Strike three you’re out”.

Hum, I’m not through, I want to bat again I don’t want to be out. I want to continue to try to hit the ball, it’s fun. I don’t want to go back and set in the dug-out. That umpire is going to say, “ you go right ahead and just keep on swinging at the ball, after all that is more fun”. Surely he will understand I don’t want to set in the dug-out and so will the other team as well as all the people who have come to see the ball game. That’s what he will say, RIGHT?

OK, well how about basketball. Let’s say in the middle of the gamesomeone throws the ball to me. I’ve been playing the whole game I’m tired; I don’t want to dribble the ball down the court. I just want to carry the ball and try to throw it in the basket. I can do that right? No one will care the referee won’t call a walking violation on me right?

Let’s try volleyball. It hurts when I serve the ball the right way so I will just throw the ball over the net. I know my team will win that way. I can do that because I want too. RIGHT??????

You guys are no fun you just want to play by the rules.

Boys, Girls and adults, you know God has rules too. Most of the time we think we don’t have to follow His rules because there are other things we want to do and His rules get in the way.

In order to please God we must follow His rules. God’s rules are found in Exodus 20. One of God’s rules is Honor the Sabath day and keep it Holy. Wow!! But God Sunday is the only day I can go to Holiday World with my friends. But God I was out late last night and I want to sleep in Sunday. But God Sunday is the only day I have off to be with my family.

Do you think God is going to say, “OK you can forget my Holy day”?

NO! The Bible is full of God saying we must follow His rules or experience a loss in fellowship with Him. WE must follow God’s rules and here they are.

1. Have no other God’s above HIM. 2. Don’t make an image to worship 3. Don’t use His name wrongly 4. Remember the Sabbath day and keep it Holy. This one even says to work 6 days and worship Him on the seventh. 5. Honor your Father and Mother 6. Do not murder 7. Do not commit adultery 8. Do not steal 9. Do not lie 10. Do not covet things that others have.

You see God has rules for living life to the best. Just like we must play by the rules in sports we must also live by God’s rules to have a good life with HIM.