Give Me an "F"


Father's Day


Card stock with large block letters F - A - T - H - E - R


If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him? Luke 11:13

Today, I need your help. Our children's sermon today is about a mystery person. I need six children to stand in a straight line and hold these cards. (Have six children stand in a line in front of the other children holding the cards down in front of them. As you call out each letter, that child will show his card.) Don't let anyone see what is on the other side of your card until I tell you. I am going to give you some clues and when I have given all of the clues, we will know who the mystery person is. Are you all ready to begin?

Give me an F! F is for "FORGIVING." Even when we disobey or do something wrong, this person is willing to forgive us.

Give me an A! A is for "ATTENTIVE." When we need someone to talk to, this person is willing to listen to what we have to say.

Give me a T! T is for "TEACHER." This person teaches us the most important lessons of our life. He teaches us right from wrong. He teaches us by example how to love one another.

Give me an H! H is for "HELPFUL." This person helps us to make the important decisions we face each day. He may offer advice, or he may just be a good listener, but he is always there to help us.

Give me an E! E is for "ENERGETIC." No matter how tired he is, this person always seems to find the energy to do things with us and for us.

Give me an R! R is for "READY." This person is always ready to reach out in love to us. He is ready to do whatever we need.

Who is this person? Our father! Now, I realize that some of you might not have a father in your home, but you have a Heavenly Father who wants to do all of these things for you. After all, that is who we earthly fathers use as our example!

Dear Lord, we thank you for our fathers. Help us this day to show our love and appreciation to our fathers, and may we always remember to thank you, our heavenly Father. Amen.