God's Team


God’s guidance, spiritual victory


A football shirt or jersey, preferably of one of the teams playing in the game.


If God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31b

Today there will be a big football game on TV. Does anyone know what it is called? (Children respond).

That’s right - the Super Bowl. I’m going to be rooting for the Steelers to win. (Explain why). Can some of you tell me why you might like a certain team - in any sport? It doesn’t have to be football. (Children respond).

Some people say that they may like a certain team because it is a “winning team,” which means that it wins most or all of its games. Did you know that you are part of a winning team? That’s right; it’s called God’s Team. If you’ve asked Jesus into your heart to be your Savior and Lord, you are a part of God’s Team!

Every team has a coach who guides them and helps them to do what they need to do to win the game. We’ve got the best coach ever-God! He always helps us to do what we need to do to live our lives the right way.

A football team has the plans that they need to play the game in its playbook. God has given His plans for our lives in His playbook – the Bible.

Sometimes the game doesn’t go the way the players want it to. They get knocked down, or make a mistake and drop the ball. They can get hit from behind when they don't expect it. The players sometimes even get hurt. Our lives can be like that too, but we have teammates (others who have asked Jesus into their hearts) to help to pick us up, brush us off, and help us finish the game. In the end we will always win, because we are on God’s Team. Someday we will go to Heaven and live forever with Him, and that’s even better than winning the Super Bowl!

Dear Lord, thank you for always being with us to help and guide us in all that we do, and for giving others to help us as well. Amen.