Good Friday Sermon




Does anyone know why Jesus died on the cross?

(Because Jesus loves us and so our sins can be forgiven.)

Who knows what sin is?

Who knows the name of the first man and woman that sinned?

Adam and Eve that’s right.

 If you have sinned raise your hand.

Come on all of us have sinned.

Did you know even if we think something mean it’s a sin?

Now because GOD is perfect we can’t be HIS friend if we have sins on us.

This is a really BIG problem for us but GOD had a solution.

God’s son Jesus is perfect and if Jesus died for our sins then we can ask Him to forgive us and He will.


Now let’s see how God does this.

 When Jesus lived here on earth and grew up he had 12 close friends he called his disciples. He was having dinner with them and He said one of you is going to give me to the enemies. All his disciples looked at each other wondering who it would be. Many saying never not me. Jesus said ALL of you will run away because you will be afraid when they come to take me away.

 One of the disciples named Peter said I will never turn away from you even if ALL the others do. Jesus said yes, even you will, in fact you will say you don’t even know me 3 times before the rooster crows in the morning. What sound does a rooster make?

Let’s hear all of you make that sound.

Jesus knew all that was going to happen to Him and He was going to let it happen because.

(Because Jesus loves us and so our sins can be forgiven.)

 Now Jesus looked at Judas one of His disciples and said go do it quickly. Judas had gone to the high priests and asked them how much they would pay him to lead them to Jesus. He knew they wanted to kill him because they were jealous of Him.

 Does anyone know what it means to be jealous?

That’s right it means to want something someone else has a new bike, an iPod, a game, Healy’s, even a friend.

They were jealous of Jesus because He could do miracles and He was king of the Jews. They already had a king and thought He wanted to take over.

 The men told Judas they’d give him 30 pieces of silver, so he went to collect his money and lead them to Jesus.

 Now after dinner Jesus and some of His disciples went to a park to pray. Jesus asked God is there any other way for people to have their sins forgiven then for me to die? He knew the pain He was going to have to suffer. But Jesus was willing to do it. WHY?

 (Because Jesus loves us and so our sins can be forgiven.)

Let me hear you again. (Because Jesus loves us and so our sins can be forgiven.)

 Judas knew where they were going so he led the soldiers to the place. The soldiers came with torches and swords hundreds of them. Judas had told the soldiers the one I kiss is Jesus, just so they’d make no mistake in who Jesus was in the dark. So he kissed Jesus and the soldiers grabbed him tied Him up and took Him away to Pilate the governor, who was in charge like a king, he made big decisions, like the police.

 Pilate asked Jesus is it true you claim to be king of the Jews? Jesus answered yes this is true. This made the people go wild they were so upset by Jesus answer. They yelled crucify him. (That means kill him) Pilate asked Jesus many questions but Jesus didn’t try and defend himself because He knew the people didn’t really care.

 Pilate said to the people I can’t find anything bad that Jesus has done. What do you want me to do with Him? The crowd started yelling louder and louder. Crucifies him, crucify him. Pilate asked why what has he done? But they just yelled louder. Crucify him. So Pilate not wanting the people to turn against him had Jesus whipped. Does anyone know what a whip is???? Yes and this whip was even worse it had broken glass and sharp metal in it so Jesus back was all bloody. Do you know why Jesus let them do this to Him?

(Because Jesus loves us and so our sins can be forgiven.)

That’s right. Now the soldiers blind folded him and took turns hitting him over and over again. Then they put a purple robe on Him and a crown made out of sharp, sharp thorns. Does anyone know what a thorn is? Do you think it would hurt to have them pushed into your head?

They made fun of him pushing Jesus around and saying Hail king of the Jews. And why did Jesus let them do this to Him?

(Because Jesus loves us and so our sins can be forgiven.)

Now the soldiers put Jesus clothes back on Him and put a huge, heavy wooden cross on His back to carry up the street to a hill to kill Him on it. As Jesus was carrying the cross He fell in the street He could walk no more, He was so weak from all the beatings. So the soldiers grabbed a man on the street and made him carry Jesus cross the rest of the way. When they got to the hill called Golgotha, which means skull because it looks like a skeleton head from a distance. The soldiers hammered big nails in Jesus hands and feet and picked the cross up putting it between two bad, really bad men.

Why did Jesus let them do this to Him?

(Because Jesus loves us and so our sins can be forgiven.)

 Poor Jesus, they left Him up there until they thought He was dead and then stabbed Him in the side just to make sure. This is a very sad story isn’t it? The sky turned pitch black in the middle of the day and a big earthquake happened that shook everyone. They took Jesus off the cross and put Him in a grave, it was like a cave. One more time. Why did Jesus let them do this to Him? They rolled a huge heavy rock in front of the grave a put soldier outside of it because they had heard rumors that Jesus would come back to life.

(Because Jesus loves us and so our sins can be forgiven.)

 Now you all have to come back on Sunday, Easter morning to hear the wonderful end of this story. See you all then I hope.