Jesus Forgives a Woman


Don’t point out what others do wrong but try to see what you do wrong!




Matthew 7:1-5 and John 8:1-11

One day very early in the morning Jesus went to the temple to teach the people (the temple is like a church where Jewish people went to study God’s word.

As Jesus sat down to teach a group of men brought a woman into him, they were tattle tales. Does anyone know what a tattle tale is? Tattling isn’t always bad if someone is hurt or could be hurt you should tell someone! But these men were tattling just so they would look good and to try and trick Jesus. Have you ever tattled just to get someone else in trouble or so you would look like the good person? They asked Jesus what they should do with this woman who had done something really really bad. Jesus didn’t answer them he knelt down to the dirt and started writing with His finger.

They continued to question Jesus, "Our law says when someone does something this BAD all of us should throw rocks at her and hurt her really bad. What do you say we should do, Jesus?"

Jesus stood up and said, "Whoever has never sinned may throw the first rock!"

The men looked at what Jesus had written in the dirt with His finger and one by one, from the oldest to the youngest, they left the temple. Now the bible doesn’t tell us what Jesus wrote in the dirt but maybe it was something each one of these men had done wrong just in case they had forgotten.

Do any of you like to forget what you have done wrong and point a finger at someone else for what they are doing wrong?

Jesus asked the woman, "Where have they all gone?"

She said, "All of them that said I had done something wrong have left."

Jesus said “I forgive you too, now go home and don’t do that bad thing ever again!”

The woman was so happy she went home with a thankful heart and knew she would try never to do that really bad thing again. Have you ever done anything really bad and asked God to forgive you? Are you going to try and never do it again to make God happy?

God wants us to forgive each other and to look at what we do wrong and not to point our finger at others because they do wrong, we should set an example and help others do the right thing also.

Telling the story: Put the clothes on the paper dolls, put wiggly eyes on the watchers, then mount the dolls on popsicle sticks to use in telling the story. Click here.