Living in the Light


Jesus is the Light




The people living in darkness have seen a great light;on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.” Matthew 4:16.

For the children’s sermon I had the lights turned out and asked the children, “Do you notice anything?” I then asked, “if the lights were out and it was night what would it be like in the sanctuary?” We agreed very dark.

That reminded me of a time when I was six years old and my back yard backed right up to my best friend, Laura’s. She had a fence around her backyard and we did not. One evening I had dinner with Laura and her family and she asked me to spend the night. I was so excited (I hadn’t spent the night out very much) that I called my mom. She said yes and told me to come and get my pajamas and toothbrush. Laura and I headed to my house and were surprised to find how dark it was. We walked along the edge of her fence staying close together and then crossed into my yard where we heard a terrible sound and screamed and ran to my back door in tears. Only to find out it was … brother Mark. My mom tried to calm us down but I was so upset I did not want to spend the night which upset Laura. My dad walked in with a large flashlight (I pulled one out of a bag and turned it on for the children.) He said that he would walk us back to Laura’s and light the way. I then felt safe and happy to return to Laura’s house.

God our Father wants to light the way for us. That is why He sent us Jesus. Jesus said he was the light of the world. Does that mean he was a flashlight? No, of course not. Through the way Jesus lived his life He showed us the way to live our life.

Let’s Pray:

God, Thank you for sending your Son Jesus to show how to live. Help us to be loving, forgiving and do good things as Jesus did. In His name we pray, Amen.