Love Without End


God's Love, Evangelism, Sharing


Short, thick rope about a foot long and a large ball, like a soccer ball.


Psalms 136 (God's love endures forever) Luke 3:11, Acts 4:32 (sharing), Acts 2:46 (Loving each other) Acts 18:24-25 (Telling others)

Note: As the kids walk up, bounce the ball to one of them. Be careful you don't throw it to someone who will return it too hard or too far. As they are sitting down, bounce it to the others, one at a time.

I like playing with a ball like this. Do you? What is your favorite game? (wait for response) Those are fun games. There are two things I like about a ball.

  1. It doesn't have an end. Look at this rope. It has two ends. There is a beginning and an end. Can you see an end on the ball? (wait for a response) It just keeps on going and going and going. (run your finger around and around the ball to demonstrate.) There is no end and that is just like God's love for us. He loves us and always will love us. There is no end. It just keeps going and going and going.
  2. There is a second reason I like a ball. You can share it just like I did when you came up here. With a ball you don't just keep it to yourself, you find someone and share it. Do you know how this can be like God? (wait for a response) God shares his love with everyone and we are supposed to share God's love with everyone we know.

The next time you see a ball, you can remember that a ball is like God. The ball doesn't have an end and neither does God's love for us. And the ball is something to share just like God's love for us. We share it with everyone.

Prayer: Dear God, thank you for always loving us and allowing us to share that love with everyone we meet. Amen.