Power from Above


God is our POWER source.


A blowdryer.


Scripture: God is my strength and power; and he maketh my way perfect. 2 Samuel 22:33

What do I have with me this morning (pointing to the blowdryer)? Let the children respond. What is the purpose of a blowdryer? Wait for answers. Will this blowdryer work if I don't plug it in? No, the blowdryer has to be plugged into a power source to work. Then plug the blowdyer into an outlet to show that it works and even blow the air on the kids' heads. We even have to pay for electricity or the power to use this blowdryer.

This blowdryer represnts us as Christians. If we don't give the blowdryer power, it can't be used. The same is true with us. God is our power source...we need to plug ourselves into God so we can be used for his purposes. The Bible tells us in 2 Samuel 22:33 (read scripture). To use God's power is free of charge. We stay connected to him after we accept him into our hearts, through continuous prayer. Then God can use us for his teach, sing, play an instrument, encourage, etc.. Prayer: Dear God, thank you for promising to be our strength and power source. Help us to use your power for your purposes. Amen.