Rest in Jesus


We all need rest and relaxation.


Vacation photos


Mark 6:30-34, 53-56

How many of you have taken a vacation? (Invite the children to share where they went and what they did. As children share, point out aspects of rest in each child’s story.) I’ve been on vacation too. I brought some pictures that I took while I was on vacation. (Briefly describe where you went and something you did to relax.)

We all need to get away sometimes. Even Jesus said that we sometimes need to take some time off to get caught up on our rest. The Bible tells about a time the disciples went to Jesus and told Him how busy they had been teaching and ministering to the needs of people. "There have been so many people coming and going that we didn’t even have time to stop and eat," they told Jesus. (Have kids pretend to eat and then stop abruptly.)

"Come with me to a quiet place so that you can get some rest," Jesus said to the disciples. (Have kids pretend to sleep.) So the Bible tells us that they got in a boat. (Have kids pretend to row a boat.)  And they went away with Jesus to a quiet place. 

Yes, we all need a time to get away, even Jesus and His friends needed to rest!

Dear God, thank You for work, for play, and for school. We also thank You for those times when we can get away from it all and get some rest. In Jesus' name, amen.