Symbols of Faith


Symbols of faith


A snowman – I used poster board with batting attached to give it that fluffy look


Various Scriptures

Today I want to talk with you about symbols. Do you know what a symbol is? (Might say that a STOP sign is a symbol or a cross is a symbol). Are symbols the real thing? No, it is something that stands for or suggests something else by reason of relationship or resemblance.

Today we are going to observe two ordinances of the church. (Have picture showing Jesus being baptized) The first is baptism. Baptism is a symbol of burying our sins and being raised from the water to new life. Was Jesus baptized? Yes, in the river Jordan by John. After Jesus’ baptism the Holy Spirit came down in the form of a dove. The dove was a visible symbol of the Holy Spirit.

The next ordinance we will observe is communion or the Lord’s Supper. (Have a picture of the last supper) Jesus shared this supper with his disciples just before he was to die on the cross. What was the bread a symbol of? (His body) What was the juice a symbol of? (His blood)

We have been wishing for a good snow but we haven’t really had a good one yet. I really was hoping to go sledding and make a good snowman. It’s fun to be out in the snow. Looks like we might just have to enjoy snowmen this year in books, on television, or by even make a pretend one like mine. (Display made snowman – I used poster board with batting attached to give it that fluffy look) When you see or think of a snowman, I’d like you to see him as a symbol. A symbol of the trinity of God. Here’s a little poem to help you:

The Trinity Snowman By: Maureen Spell

When you see a snowman Three snowballs round, He is reminding you That in God, Three in One are found.

The bottom reminds us of God the Father, Our strong rock and foundation, The Creator of all living things, People, tribes and nations.

The middle shows us God the Son With His arms spread open wide. Who died on the cross for each of us Our sins Jesus’ blood did hide.

The head reminds us of God the Holy Spirit Who is our counselor and friend, He speaks to our hearts and minds Transforming us in the likeness of Him.

So when you see a snowman In the midst of all the wintertime fun, Listen carefully and he’ll tell you, “Remember God is Three in One”

Point to the parts as you review: God the Father – creator of all God the Son – who loved us enough to die for us God the Holy Spirit – our constant friend and guide

Let’s pray: Thank you Father for your love for us and for knowing that you are always with us. In Christ we pray. Amen