The Busy Bee


Work for the Lord and not for man


A flower or a toy bee


Ephesians 6:7

Have any of you guys been stung by a bee before? It hurts! One day I was driving in my car and one flew in my window and stung me while I was driving! I picked him off squeezed him and threw him in the floor and said OOOUUCH!! But bees are good. Who knows what a bee’s job is? Right it pollenates the flowers and makes honey. Not only do they have to work so hard at making honey and pollenating but have you seen their wings compared their body?! I don’t see how such tiny wings can hold up such a big body. That’s why their wings have to flap extra hard unlike a butterfly.

Have you ever watched a bee buzzing around the flower garden? As you watch that bee, you will see that isn’t worried about a thing in the world. He is too busy enjoying all the beautiful flowers that God has provided for him. He may be a busy bee but he is a happy bee as well.

Sometimes we get as busy as a bee with school work, home life, and later on you’ll be busy with a job. But we have to remember to keep a good attitude no matter what the hard work is. Ephesians 6:7 says “Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” So Paul is teaching us that in everything we do in school, at home, at church, at work, we are to do it to glorify God.

We will have bad days when we don’t want to work or we get mad at work, and we may sting someone just like sometimes bees have bad days and sting us… we have to keep our attitude in work to be a happy attitude for God. Let’s Pray

Father God, thank you for your word and for bees and their hard work. Lord, be with us as we work that we may do it to glorify you and no one else. Amen