Trusting God


Fully Relying on God: Loyalty Counts!


Rabbit’s Foot, Four Leaf Clover, Special Shirt or other “Good Luck Charm”


Joshua 24:1-3a, 14-25

Show the object to the children and tell them that some people believe it will bring them good luck so they carry it with them whenever they feel like they need some extra luck. Ask them if they know what a good luck charm is or if have an object that brings them good luck. Explain that there really is no power in things and that the real power comes from God working through them to do their best. Explain that sometimes even grown up think it is because of a special shirt they wear, or something they carry with them that they have a great day, win a game or do what they want to do. Relying on Good Luck charms are actually a way of not being loyal and trusting God. In the days of the Old Testament, people did this and it made God very unhappy with them. God called these things false idols or false gods.

Joshua called all of God’s people together to have a talk with them before they settled into the Promised Land. He wanted to be sure they knew what it meant to truly be God’s people. He wanted to be sure these people were ready to follow God’s Laws and be sincere and work hard at being faithful. He warned them that God would be very unhappy with them if they started relying on false gods, or good luck charms. God always wants people to be loyal to Him and to see that the power and blessings we have are gifts from God and that God is all we ever need.

Prayer: Father God, help us to remember that all of our power comes from you and you alone are all we ever need. Amen.