Back to School Trivia Quiz Countdown

Countdown Video

Use this 3 minute Back to School countdown video quiz to mark the start of your service, game, or transition. Or use it as part of this Sunday School lesson. The quiz focuses on questions related to Matthew 16:15-16 and how the disciples go "back to school" with Jesus.

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Quiz questions:

1. Who asked Jesus about who He was?

A) John B) The Disciples C) Mary

2. What did Peter call Jesus?

A) King B) Good Teacher C) The Messiah

3. Why did Jesus bless Peter?

A) Because Peter believed Jesus was the Son of God B) Because Peter was a good listener C) Because Peter was from Galilee

4. What did Jesus say was the only place to find true knowledge?

A) Books B) The Internet C) The Bible

5. What did Jesus tell Peter would become of his faith?

A) It would lead to death B) It would bring joy C) It would be tested

6. What did Jesus tell Peter not to do?

A) Forsake Him B) Tell others of His identity C) Keep His identity a secret

7. How did Jesus describe the gates of Hades?

A) As having angels to protect them B) As unbreakable C) As no match for the gates of heaven

8. Who did Jesus tell the disciples He was?

A) The Son of God B) A child of the Earth C) The King of Heaven

9. What did Jesus give Peter the keys to?

A) His Kingdom B) Heaven C) The House of Israel

10. What did Jesus tell His disciples about the truth?

A) It could divide them B) It could be found in nature C) It would set them free

Time: 3:01