Called to Follow

Countdown Video

Use this 3 minute Called to Follow countdown video quiz to mark the start of your service, game, or transition. The quiz focuses on questions related to Matthew 16:21-28 and teaches that we must take up our cross and follow Jesus.

*Download to watch without a watermark.

Quiz questions:

1. What did Jesus predict would happen at His death?

A. Return to Earth  B. Go to Heaven  C. Rise from the dead 

2. How did Peter respond to Jesus's prediction?

A. Ignored it  B. Denied it  C. Affirmed it 

3. What did Jesus say about Peter’s denial?

A. Peter is self-centered  B. Peter doesn’t understand   C. Peter only thinks about human concerns

4. What does Jesus tell the disciples they must do to follow Him?

A. Learn a new language. B. Buy new shoes. C. Deny themselves

5. What else does Jesus tell the disciples they need to do to follow Him?

A. Hide their identity B. Take up their cross. C. Go far away

6. How did Jesus describe those who take up their cross?

A. Cowards  B. Fools  C. Blessed 

7. What did Jesus tell Peter would be required to be his disciple?

A. Money B. Faith C. Sacrifice

8. How does Jesus describe Himself?

A. Prophet. B. Son of Man. C. Lamb of Abraham

9. What does Jesus promise to build?

A. A courthouse. B. A City. C. The Church

10. What does Jesus say will happen when He returns for the second time?

A. Reward people based on what they’ve done. B. Everyone will be punished. C. He will cause chaos

Time: 3:00