Help With A Heavy Load

Countdown Video

Use this 3 minute Help With A Heavy Load countdown video quiz to mark the start of your service, game, or transition. The quiz focuses on questions related to Matthew 11:28-30 and how Jesus bears our burdens.

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Quiz questions:

1. Who said "Come to me, all you who are weary?": 

a. Pharaoh, b. Job, c. Jesus

2. What did Jesus invite his followers to do?: 

a. Run fast, b. Take rest, c. Cry out loud

3. What does Jesus promise to do for us?:

 a. Make us laugh, b. Give us gifts, c. Bear our burdens

4. What did Jesus say we would rest when we give Him our burdens?: 

a. Heart, b. Soul, c. Mind


5. What part of the Bible is Matthew 11:28-30 located in?

 a. Old Testament, b. New Testament

6. What does Jesus give us? 

A. Strength B. Confusion C. Treasure

7. How does Jesus describe His burden?: 

a. Heavy, b. Light, c. Easy

8. What is the source of Jesus' strength?: 

a. Prayer, b. God, c. Joy

9. How does Jesus respond to the burdens of life?: 

a. He dismisses them, b. He rejects them, c. He relieves them

10. What does Jesus promise to do for us?: 

a. Desert us, b. Defeat us, c. Sustain us

Time: 3:00