What Time Is It?
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "What Time Is It?"

Scripture Reading: Matthew 24:36-44


Have the children gather in a circle and one child will be "IT" (or the teacher may begin the game) and will say IT IS TIME to clap our hands, IT IS TIME to stomp our feet, IT IS TIME to sing a song, etc. Give all the children an opportunity to take a turn. The teacher will let the children know that our lesson today is about TIME.


This is run like a relay race! Divide the children into teams and the teacher or leader will say, "BE READY." When the teacher shouts a command, the first team player will run to the finish line and do what the teacher said (use ideas such as in above game) and run back to their team. Continue to play until all team members have had a turn, then discuss how IMPORTANT it is to BE READY!


Let the children draw and decorate a big poster board CLOCK to take home or to hang in the classroom (teacher can have a big round circle drawn ahead of time - use a big dinner plate or something similar as a pattern). The words on the clock can say BE READY WHEN JESUS COMES... or IT IS TIME TO GET READY FOR JESUS' COMING, etc. The "hands" of the clock can be drawn and/or attached with a brad. (If time allows, children can write the "ways" that we can be ready for Jesus - either directly ON the clock or on the poster below the clock).


Let the children make an advent calendar with green felt for a Christmas tree and the days of the month for children to remove each day! (Colored little round sticker dots can be used for the days of the month - if children are able, they can write the days of the month on each sticker themselves, or else the teacher can do that part).


Let each child decorate a small lunch bag with a clock and the words BE READY WHEN JESUS COMES and Matthew 24:36,44. The teacher will have slips of paper hidden around the designated area for children to collect and put into their bags. The slips of paper will have ideas of how we should be ready as mentioned in our story, such as loving others, caring for the sick, feeding the hungry, helping the poor, praying, reading out Bible, etc. For extra FUN for the children, the teacher might have some little candies or small mini gifts for children to add to their bags, to take home. When the children return, they can sit in a circle and read some of the idea slips in their paper and discuss each one.


Option 1:

Have the children pantomime something that they are doing to prepare for Jesus' coming - ideas listed in the BE READY BAG game above.

Option 2:

As an idea for younger children, the teacher might give all the children an idea to "pretend they are doing" and enjoy watching them have fun pretending! Discussion about being ready for Jesus to come back!

Song: "What If It Were Today?" by Leila Naylor Morris

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This song is in the public domain and may be downloaded andreproduced for religious or educational use by churches, schools, homeschoolers, and other non-profit organizations. Due to the very high range of the refrain, I only used the verse of this hymn. If you wish to use it all, it is found any many hymnals.