Building Bridges
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Building Bridges"

Scripture Reading:Matthew 18:15-20


Give children half sheets of construction paper. Fold back and forth and then draw a "friend" on the front with the hands straight out. Cut the "friends" out but do NOT cut on the fold where the hands would be. When this is unfolded, all the "friends" should be hooked together, to tape to a wall or on a poster about today's lesson and write MAKE A FRIEND.... LOVE AND FORGIVE!


Draw and cut out "friends" and form the cut-outs in a circle with hands touching to hold hands. Glue onto a large poster board or individual construction paper posters. Write FRIENDS LOVE AND FORGIVE - Matthew 18:15b


Give each child 3 different colors of yarn or colored string and help them braid them together to make a bracelet to fit their wrist and tie loosely. If time allows, let children make a second bracelet to give to a FRIEND!


Let children go to the wall with a long empty banner taped to it. Let each child draw a few stick figure "friends" on the banner and write names on each friend. With bright neon markers, the teacher can write LOVE AND FORGIVENESS around the edges!


Give each child a white or brown lunch bag. Tear the top 1/3 (approx) of the bag off. Tape two thin strips of construction paper to the bag for handles. Give children some markers and stickers to decorate their FRIEND BAG. Children can write on their bags, "FRIENDS SHOULD ALWAYS LOVE AND FORGIVE". The teacher can have several bowls of various small snacks. Let children take one snack from each container to put in their "friends bag". Encourage children to give their bag to a friend. Then let children take a few candies/treats for themselves to enjoy before leaving class!


Let children draw and cut out a picture "friend" picture on heavy posterboard. Give pieces of cloth to glue on for a shirt, etc. Let children glue some yarn around the head for hair and color their "friend". Attach a magnet to the back of the "friend". If children would like to add a "sign", they can tape a toothpick to the hand of their cut out "friend" and attach/tape on a small sign to the toothpick that says FRIENDS LOVE AND FORGIVE.

Song: "Did You Think to Pray"by Wm. O. Perkins (adapted)

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Song: "Love One Another" by Charles Kirkpatrick

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