Crown Him King
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Crown Him King"

Scripture Reading: John 18:33-37


Cover a chair with pretty material or a sheet. Place a CROWN on the chair to make the chair look like a KING's chair. Let students take turns being the king and putting on a ROBE and CROWN.


The children will make a crown, decorate it, and write KING OF KINGS on it. (A pattern for the crown is attached. Click Here.)

1. Prior to class print out the crown pattern and cut it out. Trace it onto gold poster board.

2. Place the pattern along the bottom center of the poster board. The pattern only shows one half of the crown so you will need to turn the pattern over and trace the other half to form the entire crown. Use the head band to add length to the crown according to the age of the children. Use the short side of the poster board (22 inches) if you have younger children. You may need to use the long side for older children. You should be able to fit four crowns on one piece of poster board. Cut out the first crown and use it as a pattern for the rest of the crowns.

3. Have the children decorate their crowns with sequins, glitter, and whatever you can find to make a crown "fit for the King."


Students can take turns using bright colored markers to write names of JESUS - KING OF KINGS, LORD OF LORDS, ALMIGHTY GOD, SERVANT; FRIEND, MASTER, SAVIOR, etc. Kids will enjoy decorating this exciting poster and will want to display it on the church bulletin board, or class door, etc! (Allow the children to put their own names on the poster in small print along the bottom)!


Purchase some wide ribbon and have each child use colored markers to write JESUS IS KING OF MY LIFE, and could wear it as a sash when they leave! (If ribbon is not available, sashes could be made from strips of paper cut from butcher paper.)


The teacher will stand at the front of the room and call the children up to the front to be crowned by the teacher. The child will then return to their seat. When all of the children have a crown, they will write their names on their crowns with a bright colored or neon marker.


The children will take turns coming to the teacher who will tell the child a fun activity to perform such as shine my shoes, clap your hands 5 times, hop around on one foot, say your name very fast three times. The children will enjoy coming to the teacher who can be dressed with a KING's crown, and doing what the teacher tells them to do.


Let the children divide into groups. Each group can have some dress up items, such as purple cloth, jewelry, etc. and let the children dress up and then show the class their KINGLY clothes and and then sit in a circle to hear today's Bible story!


Provide all the children with a white lunch bag, markers, yarn, glitter, etc to decorate their bags as a KING. Cut out crowns from yellow paper to be glued to the top of the bag. The children can write CHRIST IS KING on the shirt of their king puppet.


Children will cut out a crown traced onto a piece of paper and decorate or color the crown. (See the CROWN CRAFT above.) They will then glue together two colored and glittered craft sticks to form a cross. (It might be best if the teacher did this using a hot glue gun.) The cross will then be attached to the back edge of the crown using tape or glue. The children can take the cross and crown home and place it on their dresser or a table in their room to remind them that CHRIST IS KING!


Let children SING a song the teacher can have them say after her/him... such as JESUS IS MY KING, THAT IS WHY I SING, JESUS IS MY KING, TO ME HE'S EVERYTHING, etc. Children can add their own words to rhyme, if desired.


"King of Glory"


The teacher can once again sit in the front chair dressed as a king. Let the children come to the KING to receive a snack after answering one of today's Bible questions about our lesson. Be sure the questions are ones that can be easily answered by the children.

Song: "King of Glory "

Words and Music (pdf)

MP3 Piano accompaniment Track (right click to save to your computer)