Pentecostal Power
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "Pentecostal Power"

Scripture Reading: Acts 2:1-21


Give each child a thin piece of rectangular material. Magic markers can be used to write about the Bible lesson today, on that material and give children ribbon or yarn to hang the banner outside their house to blow in the wind!


Let children roll a large piece of construction paper into a tube shape and tape to hold that shape. Then have children pick 10 long pieces of various colors of cut construction paper (10"X2"). On each long piece of paper, children can write words that pertain to our Bible lesson today (such as Holy Spirit, Power, Flaming tongues, Mighty rushing wind, Heaven, celebrate, etc. Then children can tape each of their strips of paper to the tube "wind sock" and hang by a string at the top, when they get home.


In cut out letters, tape letters for HOLY SPIRIT on a poster in up and down letter positions for more interesting poster. Let children write or decorate the poster with words from our story, and add pictures or stickers for a more exciting poster to be remembered!


Let children fold in accordion style (small folds back and forth, back and forth) a piece of construction paper after decorating the paper. Tape to a tongue depressor or craft stick to use as a fan while telling the story today!


Let each child tape or hot glue (for older ages) some various colored ribbons to a short dowel. When children RUN with their ribbon fan, they'll see the EFFECTS of the WIND on their ribbons, but can't SEE the wind. Discuss the Holy Spirit in our lesson today!


Let children make a FLAG out of material or construction paper, to represent a Christian and the Holy Spirit. Children will be very creative with pictures and words from the lesson. Let them display their flags on the wall or wave their flags high on a stick or dowel! MARCHING around the room or designated area while the teacher reads the Bible verse will be exciting! If the teacher would like to write a short "cadence" for the children to repeat after her/him, while they march with their flags, the children will remember the lesson much longer!


Give each child 2 or 3 colorful streamers to wrap around their wrist and RUN as fast as they can outdoors and see the EFFECT of the wind on their streamers. A few pictures of the children will be fun to show them the next Sunday and to REVIEW today's lesson. They will probably REMEMBER the lesson on the HOLY SPIRIT!


Divide the children into teams and have a flag relay of running the flag back and forth until everyone on the team has had a chance to fly the flag for their team!


Give all the children a small flag and let them fly their flags around a designated area while singing a song or repeating verses in a chant from the teacher, with words from today's story.


Provide a fan in the classroom that the children can speak in to as the teacher asks questions about today's Bible story. Show children how they can not SEE the air that makes their voices change but it is THERE, just as the Holy Spirit is also there!


Have an inexpensive kite for each child or a drawing for them to complete as the teacher discusses the 5 Christian aspects of a kite - concentrating on the Holy Spirit the most, to go along with this Bible lesson. Here are the 5 analogies for the Kite that we learn on KITE DAY each year. 1) The cross shape dowels are how you begin to build a kite and the CROSS is the beginning of the Christian life; 2) a kite needs a tail to keep the kite stable in the wind and Christians have the Word of God, to keep them stable; 3) a kite needs covering to catch the wind - Jesus covers all our sin and debt; 4) a kite has to be anchored to something that won't blow away and we, as Christians have Jesus Christ as our anchor; and 5) kites need the wind to fly. The HOLY SPIRIT is our helper to lift us up.


Spirit of the Living God


Let children enjoy some cotton candy that was made with AIR spinning the colored sugar.

Song: "Spirit of the Living God" by Daniel Iverson

Words and music (pdf)

MP3 piano accompaniment - Right click and save to your computer. (Four measures introduction and sing twice.)