When Your Load Is Heavy
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "When Your Load is Heavy"

Scripture Reading: Matthew 11:28-30


Teacher can make two heavy identical backpacks for children to carry on their backs in a relay game. Another idea for the relay race would be to ADD one item each time a team player run to the LINE and will put an item IN the bag and crawl back to their team with the bag on their backs (or just running and carrying the bag); and will then give the bag to the next team player to run to the LINE and get another item in the bag, etc.


The teacher can have our Bible verses today (Matthew 11:28-30) written on pieces of paper and hidden around a designated area. When the teacher says BIBLE VERSE SCRAMBLE, the children will try to find all the pieces of the Bible verses and bring them back to the table and see how long it takes them to put the verse together. This can also be done as teams to see which team can put their verses together first. In order to play this as teams, the teacher will have to have the Bible verses written out on two separate colors and name the teams BLUE and RED, etc so the children will only hunt for their own colored verses to put together.


Let children divide into teams and see which team can complete the exercises and "reps" first - such as each team player will do 5 sit ups; 5 push ups; 10 jumping jacks and lift the weights 10 times, etc. The "spotters" can encourage the team players .... come on, you can do it, push, push.... etc!! At the end of this relay, have children READ OUR BIBLE VERSES today from the chart on the wall!!


Let the class work together on drawing and cutting out weights and pictures from magazines, etc of weights, burdens on the back of a person, obstacles, etc and make a collage poster. Write the Bible verses at the top of this poster!


Give children a few pieces of construction paper and fold and staple into a small card to encourage them on the days they are having troubles and struggles. Each page can have Bible verses or phrases from our lesson today. The teacher can have these ideas taped on the walls around the room for children to get ideas from, such as pictures of weights cut out and words like DON'T BE AFRAID, I AM WITH YOU (GEN. 26:24); or I'LL GIVE YOU STRENGTH (Psalms 28:7); or GOD ENCOURAGES US; or GOD LIGHTENS OUR LOAD; or mATTHEW 11:28-30; or GOD GIVES US CONFIDENCE TO OVERCOME OUR OBSTACLES; or JESUS BEARS OUR BURDENS, etc.


Let children try to crawl quickly to the other side of the room and carry something on their back. If it falls off, another child will run to help them keep going by helping them hold it on their back. The teacher can make sure that it is something that would EASILY fall off their back or something that is heavy and would need help in lifting as the child crawls!


Let children draw and cut out bar bells and write a phrase from today's lesson on each barbell and make a mobile out of the bar bells. The biggest bar bell could have today's Bible verse on it and the smaller ones could have such phrases as GOD HELPS US, GOD GIVES US STRENGTH, GOD ENCOURAGES US, GOD LIGHTENS OUR LOAD! Children could wrap the hanger for the mobile with strips of cloth, or heavy yarn or chenille wire for more color on their mobiles.


The teacher can make a bar bell snack by cutting out two identical bar bells and taping together with a flat piece of gum or taffy or any other flat candy, to give to the children as they leave class. Have children tape the bible verse for today on their bar bell snack wrap!

Song: "Come Unto Me" by Ralph Merrifield

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Copyright 1992, Ralph Merrifield New Hope Music, PO Box 1612, Westboro MA 01581 - Used by permission.

Song: "Come Unto Me" by Charles P. Jones

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Song: "I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say" by Louis Spohr

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