Do You Believe?


The saving power of Jesus


None needed


None provided

(Speak as if we are on a game show)

Dave: Good morning and welcome to “DO YOU BELIEVE”. Pastor Bob we need a contestant to play this game.

Pastor: Okay Dave, _________________________ come on down, you’re the next contestant on “Do You Believe”. Applaud in hopes others will do so too.

Dave: Welcome to “Do You Believe. Are you ready to play?

First of all I would like to introduce our panel of judges. Judges, I will ask our contestant some questions and then I will ask you, Do You Believe? You will shout Yes or No.

_______________, Do you attend Moreland Baptist Church?

Judges, do you believe?

_______________, Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl today?

Judges, do you believe?

_______________, Can you heal the sick and make the blind see just by touching them? Contestant says YES I CAN!

Judges, do you believe that? Judges you don’t seem to believe this, Why? Only Jesus can heal the sick and make the blind see just by touching them. And when Jesus was growing up, everyone knew him as the baby born in a manger to Mary & Joseph. They knew that Kings came and bowed down to him, but yet the people of his own hometown had a hard time believing he could heal the sick and make the blind to see. They were going to throw him over a cliff, because they didn’t believe. Judges, do you believe that Jesus can do all that and that he died on the cross to save us from our sins?

_________________, Do you believe the same thing?

Dave: That’s great, Pastor Bob, tell _________________ what he/she has won.

Pastor: Sure thing Dave, _____________________ has won an all-expense paid eternal vacation in Heaven. There you walk on streets made of gold, you will stay in the luxurious mansion that Jesus has prepared for you, and you will dine with angels. And the best part is you will get to meet God. This vacation is sponsored your local church and is completely paid for with the blood of Jesus Christ.

Dave: Thanks Pastor, What a vacation deal that is. Why don’t we offer that deal to everyone here? If they can answer this correctly, DO YOU BELIEVE?

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