New Wind Blowing
Group Activities

Sermon Title: "A New Wind Blowing"

Scripture Reading: Acts 2:1-21


This will be teams communicating without speaking as our Holy Spirit does as well. Each team can try to communicate a word or activity for the other team to guess what activity it is. Then the other team can do the same.


Give each child a balloon to blow up but do not tie it. When all balloons are blown up to a big size, tell children to let go of their balloons and watch them fly and make noise and then become LIMP, which is like people NOT being filled with the Holy Spirit!!


Let children fly kites (inexpensive $1 kites are at dollar stores) or children can make a kite if time allows. This will lead into the lesson about the Holy Spirit and the wind that blows the kite, etc.


Let children color and decorate a large circle and cut into the circle part way several times and bending the sections so they are curved. Tape to a mini dowel rod and let children BLOW their pin wheel to make it spin, which is like the Holy Spirit that they can't see but there is a power source and the air that moves the pin wheel! Teacher could also just purchase some inexpensive pin wheels as well, as desired!


If there is an area where the class can take a nature walk, they could observe a dam or a waterfall and the power source of those and also observe the wind in the trees, etc.


The class could plant some seedlings together. Tell the class that they will water all the plants but one and will see what happens when there is no water or "power source" for the one unwatered plant.


Divide the class into 2 teams. Each team will be given the exact same blocks but they will be sitting back to back with a small table in front of them. The first team will start building the tower and give each direction as to WHAT block they're using and what direction they're placing the block. After a certain amount of blocks, let children see how the two towers look with the directions given. Then it will be the other teams turn to build and to direct the opposite team in how to build the tower. This will show the children that the Holy Spirit GUIDES us IF WE LISTEN!!


Supply each child with paper and markers and any other supplies that could be used from this lesson today. Encourage children to draw a picture of the Holy Spirit's POWER from the activities from today's lesson and use items to tape or glue onto the picture art, such as a balloon, cloth as from a kite, seeds, etc. Write words from today's BIBLE VERSE around the picture or items.


POWER WALK to a snack source across a designated area to find their snacks in a box or bowl.


Father We Adore You (Jesus and Spirit); My God is SO BIG So strong and So Mighty

Song: "Spirit of the Living God


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Song: "My God Is So Great


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