Don't Worry


Give your worries to Jesus.


Backpack with heavy books to put in it.


Matthew 6:24-34

Good Morning! The Gospel lesson today talks a lot about worry. In life we have things that we worry about. We worry about being liked by our friends, who will sit by us at lunch, if we’ll be good on a sport’s team, if something’s wrong when we her family members argue. What are some of the things you worry about? (Take volunteers). Some worries seem bigger than others. Some people worry about being sick or being safe. There is a lot of sin in this world and things that the devil tries to get at us with.

But Jesus tells us not to worry. He’s taking care of us. He used examples in creation. God gives food to the birds. They don’t have to plant it themselves and harvest it. God gives them their food. We don’t need to worry about clothes. Look at how beautiful flowers are. Jesus tells us the King Solomon didn’t even have clothes as beautiful as the flowers. If God cares for things like the birds and flowers, isn’t he going to take care of you?

Worries can weigh us down and keep us from being the person God wants us to be. I have a backpack here that I’m going to put “worries” in. I need a volunteer to wear it. (Pick a volunteer). Here’s the backpack. Now let’s put in some worries. Tell me again some of your worries. (Take volunteers and add your own. Fill the backpack but not so much that it would hurt the child.) Wow these are a lot of worries that weigh (child) down. How do you feel with that weight of worry? (Heavy, hard to stand or move). Although worries aren’t heavy books in a backpack, they still feel like they weigh us down. When we worry, we’re not letting God take care of things. It’s like we’re saying, “I can take of this Jesus. Thank you for offering but I got it.” Jesus tells us we can always trust him. We know we can because he always keeps his promises. Now let’s give those worries to Jesus.

Let’s pray and give our worries to God. (Take books out of the backpack while praying).

Prayer: Jesus we give our worries to you. You promise to take care of us and we trust you. We have a lot to worry about but we know you can handle it. You died to take care of our sins. You took care of our big problem of sin and we know that you’ll take care of our other problems too. Help us to give our worries over to you and not try and take them back. You can handle anything. We’re so glad that we have a God that takes such good care of us. No one is like you. We have nothing to worry about when our life is in your hands. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.