Listen and Do


God wants to use those who listen and do


None is needed.


1 Samuel 3:1-21

There once was a woman named Hannah she was very sad because she had no children. She had a husband that loved her very much and said “it doesn’t matter that you haven’t had a baby I love you more then if you’d had 10 babies.” But even that didn’t make her happy. She prayed and prayed, one day she prayed “God if you give me a child I’ll give him back to you to live for you always.

Do you think God heard her prayer??

Yes, He hears all of our prayers and this time He answered “YES”

Can anyone think of a prayer that they had to wait along time for God to answer??

When the baby boy was born his mommy and daddy loved him very much, they named him Samuel. His mommy didn’t forget the promise she had made to God. So when he was about the age of some of you guys she took him to the priest, which is like our pastor, he lived at the church. She said “I want you to raise Samuel to love God and to be able to teach others, we give him to you.”

Do you think this would be scary for Samuel?

Do you think his parents would be sad to leave him?

You are right but they knew God had a plan for Samuel’s life and God would keep him safe.

The priest Samuel lived with was named Eli, Eli loved Samuel like his own son. Eli had two grown up sons, they were very very bad they even took money from the church to go out and have fun with.

Every year Samuel’s mommy would come and bring Samuel a new little robe, maybe on his birthday, they loved seeing each other and were happy they could see each other even once a year.

Would you be happy only seeing your mommy and daddy once a year?

One night while Samuel was in bed he heard a voice. “SAMUEL”

Samuel got up and ran into Eli’s room, Eli was an old man now and could barely see. When Samuel got to Eli’s bed he said “yes did you call me Eli??”

Eli said “no go back to bed son”

So Samuel went back to bed, he was only there a short time when he heard, “SAMUEL” so once again Samuel ran to Eli, “Here I am what did you want?” and again Eli said “go back to bed I didn’t call you.”

Have you ever thought you heard someone calling you and they weren’t?

Well guess what it happened again. And again Samuel ran to Eli’s bedside, this time Eli knew it must be God wanting to speak to Samuel, so he told Samuel to go back to bed and if he heard it again say: “Speak Lord I am listening”

Do you think it happened again? You’re right.


“Yes Lord, your servant is listening.”

How exciting would that be to have God, who loves you very much come to you and ask you to listen and do him a favor. Would you do what HE asks?

Samuel listened carefully and did what God told him. This made God happy He knew He could use Samuel do great things for HIM.

God can use you and me also.

Who knows how God talks to us?

The Bible, thoughts, heart. So let’s be sure to listen and obey, because God loves us and wants to use us to do good things for HIM too.

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