Prayer in Practice




Prayer Practice Cards – copy and print one for each child


Colossians 4:2  “Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.”

Every Sunday I ask one of you to pray. It hurts my heart when no one volunteers. Do you know why? Most of the time, I work with you kids, but sometimes I get a chance to go to camp with the bigger kids, you know the teen-agers. Their camp is huge. There are about 5000 kids who are in the worship service listening to the preacher tell how God is good and perfect and no matter how hard we try, we will never be good enough to reach him because we are all sinful. Right now I want you to close your eyes and think about if you were 15 and sitting in that worship service listening to the preacher. Or if you already know Jesus as your Savior, I want you to think about your friend at 15. I have watched those teens listen to God’s word and realize they need Jesus and I have seen some of them come down front, and give their lives to Him, but I have seen some who know they need God, but are too scared or embarrassed or just don’t know how to pray so they wont pray and ask God for forgiveness. You can open your eyes now. That’s why I want each of you to know how to pray. Prayer is how we talk to God. I need 5 volunteers.

Here is a simple prayer card to help you. It just says,

Dear God,

Forgive_________________. (You can say, my sins, hitting my sister upside the head, talking back to my mom or whatever you need to.)

Thank you for_________________. (There is always something to thank God for…your friends, your family, your life.)

Please help____________________. (Ask God to help others like your friend’s grandma or someone who is sick.)

In Jesus Name,