What Is in a Name?


The names of Jesus




Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name. Philippians 2:9

We are all given names when we are born by our mom’s and dad’s. Everyone’s name has a meaning.

For instance my name is Doris Jean. Doris means “of the sea”, which is kinda strange to me cause I don’t like deep water very much. and my middle name Jean means “God is Gracious” . So I kinda figured out that Doris Jean means “God is gracious of the sea.”

Another example is Kenneth Todd: Kenneth means Handsome and Todd means “Fox”.So I guess that makes Kenneth Todd means "a handsome fox.”

No matter what name our EARTHY parents gave us or what they mean, each one of us are very special to God.

I looked up on the computer how many names there are for Jesus. It told me, that in the Bible, there are 144 names or titles that referred to Jesus. What are some words or names that we call Jesus?

How about “Friend”, or Savior, or Lord, or King.

How about “Father”, or Messiah, or Teacher.

How about “Master, or Lamb of God, or Holy One.

Child of God, Prince of Peace, Lord of Lords and many, many more.

Whatever our names are, we need to keep in mind, that we all need to be more like Jesus.

Let us Pray: Dear Jesus, we thank you and ask you to bless these children. And let them know that each one of them is very special and that you hold each of them in your arms.Guide them in their walk with you to walk on good paths in order to serve you. Amen