It All Depends on Jesus


Jesus sends workers to bring in the harvest.


A suitcase; a packing list for vacation


Luke 10:1-11, 16-20

Have you ever been on vacation? Everyone needs time away to relax and have fun, right? I have a suitcase here. Do you think you all could help me come up with a packing list so I don’t forget anything on my next vacation? 

  • Clothes 

  • Hair products 

  • Some comfortable shoes - for when I have to walk

  • Sandals - in case I go to the beach

  • Swimsuit - for the beach or the hotel swimming pool

  • Camera - for sightseeing trips

  • A book - in case I get bored

  • Money to spend

Can you think of any other things I may have forgotten? I want to make sure I have everything I might need on the trip. What kinds of things do you pack to take on a vacation? (Pause for responses.) Sometimes we pack so much to take on vacation, it feels like we’re not really "getting away from it all" -- we’re taking it all with us!

The Bible tells us that Jesus appointed 72 of His followers and sent them out, two-by-two, to go into every town and place where He was about to go. Do you know what Jesus told them to take with them? (Pause for response.) Nothing!

Jesus said to them, "Go!" Then He went on to say, "Do not even take a purse, or a bag, or a pair of sandals."

Why would Jesus tell them to leave everything behind? I think it’s because none of that stuff could help them share the good news the way only Jesus could. 

Just as Jesus sent out 72 people, He wants you and me to go to people today and share the good news about Jesus. We don’t need to pack anything special; we can just go as we are and obey Jesus. Jesus loves us and He loves our friends. The results of us telling others about Jesus don’t depend upon us.  We should not become proud when people receive the message and we should not be discouraged when they reject the message. Jesus tells us just to go and tell others and leave the rest to Him.!

Dear Jesus, may we be ready and willing to go when You say, "Go!" and leave the results up to You. Amen.